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No.1 Cost Calculations

1) Air transportation is calculated according to weight (KG)

2) Sea transportation calculated according to volume (CBM). CBM is calculated as Length × width × height.

If the shipment is large it may need to be shipped in a sea container. If that is the case, the cost will be calculated on the basis of the size of the container. Of course, a 20GP container's max is 28 CBM, a 40GP container's max is 58 CBM, a 40HQ container's max is 68 CBM

No.2 About Insurance
Because there are so many links in the chain of an international move, loss and damage will sometimes occur. We therefore strongly recommend clients to insure important goods and property. As a service to our clients Fred Mover cooperates with the American Insurance Company named ITI for all insurance business.

Insurance expense: The insurance premium is calculated at between 2% to 3% of the total value of the goods insured. We will be happy to assist you with any special requests or requirements you may have. However, it's up to our clients' will to decide buying it or not. There're indeed some clients they said i don't want to buy any insurance or i bought insurance from some other insurance company, it's also ok for us. Generally speaking, based on our experience, LCL 1-15 CBM client usually bought 50,000.00 RMB insurance; FCL 28-58 CBM usually bought 10,0000.00 RMB for your reference.

No.3 Documentation
1) At Origin: Shanghai China(Suzhou, Nanjing, Hangzhou etc)

A、Chinese citizens going abroad to study, work or immigrate:
Passport, visa, immigration card or immigration paper
B、Residents of Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau:
Proof of citizenship (or resident’s card); Proof of the offer of a place of study or work
C、Foreign Nationals:
Passport, visa, residence permit, work permit, disengagement from employment.  NB Only original documents will be accepted.

In addition, those foreign nationals planning to export goods and effects must produce a Customs Power of Attorney, a signed inventory of the items being exported and original invoices and currency exchange slips supporting purchases made during the stay in China.

Note: Only those holding a working or student visa may exercise this concession to ship free of customs duty.
Traveling and business visa holders can not use the international moving service.

2) At Destination: City, Country(All over the world)
The documentation that destination Customs require usually includes:
For Sea shipments, the Bill of Lading; for air shipments, the Air Way Bill, plus an inventory, in English, of the goods and effects being shipped, passport copy and the detailed residential address.

Note: Every country has its own regulations. Please therefore confirm the precise requirements prior to departure.